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Only  $59.95


Copyright (c) 1998-2020, ScholarWare.  All rights reserved.   ScholarWare, TopScore Pro, and PaceSetter are registered trademarks or trademarks of ScholarWare.  All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


Recently product comparisons have been published and created by "competitors" comparing TopScore Pro to "their" products.  Although we welcome honest and fair product comparisons to TopScore Pro,  "honest and fair" are the key words here.  

Since some of these product comparisons have been "less than truthful" we have prepared an official feature comparison with some "other" products.  With our chart, you can see our growing list of features and realize the true value TopScore Pro provides.

TopScore Pro, over the past 8 years, has become the industry standard that students use to successfully prepare for their entrance exams.  This is why other companies continually look to us.

Features TopScore Pro-DAT (USA) Others
Full Length Exams 3 Some products do not have sample tests at all or have brought to market faulty, error ridden tests.  
Test Sections 18 We are  noting this  because some products count test sections as "exams" to deceptively boost their full-length exam count
Test Questions 840 Some companies count solutions as part of their "question" count.  Again, deceptive.
PAT Exams 3 exams/18 sections Some companies play with the "section vs. exam" numbers to boost this number deceptively.
Detailed Solutions 
with text book references
Yes No
CD Available

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Yes Our CD is professionally mastered using the highest quality medium available.  Others do not provide a CD or high quality product.  It costs them too much.  They only want a quick electronic buck.
Canadian Version Yes Our Canadian version follows all unique aspects of the Canadian DAT including an excellent and unique Soap Carving Guide 
Testimonial Section Yes Other companies fabricate testimonials. We keep detailed records of every customer testimonial.  There are too many to publish every one, but we provide a few on our website. 
Simulated DAT Yes TopScore Pro is the only product that exactly simulates the actual computerized DAT. Other companies use "softer" custom words, deceptively, to lead you to believe they do the same thing.
Full Featured Software Yes TopScore Pro has many features built in the software program beyond simply displaying questions.  These features help the student master the "exam" and improve computerized test taking skills.
Professionally Written Code Yes TopScore Pro is not written by "pre-dental student computer hacks".  The software was written by professional computer scientists and has gone through the industry standards in software development product cycles.  This means the software is not "half baked" and released full of errors.
Professionally Written Questions Yes We know, for a fact, in nearly every other product, all questions have been developed by only pre-dental students!  Usually one or two students.  This is crazy.  All of TopScore Pro questions are written and reviewed by PhD, college professors who truly are experts in their respective fields.
Customer Support Yes ScholarWare provides unmatched support.  Telephone, email, and web is always available.  We respond quickly to after hours support also.  
Test and Admission Advice Yes ScholarWare is the only company that actually employs dental students as well as dentists and PhD's. Our excellent rapport with many dental school admission counselors also ensures customers receive the best advice.   
Price $59.95 Other test simulation products hide their actual test costs and try and compare TopScore Pro on price when their products are sometimes 2x as much.  $99.95, $129.95 are examples.
Question Guarantee Yes Of course TopScore Pro  has a question guarantee.  We were the first company to offer such a thing in 1998, over 13 years ago.  Others depend upon this as a means to pay a higher amount to correct their errors.  TopScore Pro  does not do this. Our questions are tested prior to release and ScholarWare prides themselves in the small amount (apx $250) in question corrections in the past 7 years. 
PaceSetter Yes This unique feature within TopScore Pro allows you to pace yourself through the exam. The benefits of this are obvious.  This feature can be hid to simulate actual test conditions 
Unlimited Tests Yes You can retake tests an unlimited amount.  Other products shuffle the same questions around and deceptively imply this somehow provides you with an added or increased amount of dynamic or unique questions.  This simply is not the case.  The question is literally the same in any given test.  
PAT 3D Rotations No This is not a new or unique feature to DAT products. Some products have employed this ability years ago.  3D rotation is simply a different way of evaluating a particular object.  Relying on it may help you or it may hinder you. It is not necessary for achieving scores  in the highest percentiles on the DAT.  Ultimately the PAT section must be visualized in 2D on test day for optimal performance.  We encourage serious study of the PAT under actual test conditions and formatting and not relying heavily on 3D manipulations that will not be available during the actual exam.   
Actual DAT Test Questions No This is illegal and should never be provided without the knowledge of the ADA.  The ADA does not sell or commercially distribute prior DAT tests.  Other companies imply or state they have this.  Some companies steal material from the actual test and provide an illegal, unethical and unfair advantage to others.  The ADA will catch up with them.  Do not participate or support these companies.